Teenage suicide… don’t do it.

05. A time you thought about ending your own life.

I haven’t. 

Bam. Blog written. 

OK, fine, if I’m going to be terrible at writing every day, then I suppose I shouldn’t cheese off when I actually do update. 

Though I have never considered killing myself, I fully admit to not always being satisfied with my life. I have wished for a different one. In the way someone may struggle through quicksand, I have struggled through sorrow’s swamp and wished for a better life. But I praise the Lord that He consistently reminds me that the life He’s given me is a gift. A gift for which I don’t have the receipt, so I can’t return or exchange it. Thank goodness!

Life did not originate with me. It began with a Creator who breathes breath into our nostrils and gives us life, movement, meaning. So therefore, it is not my right to take away either my life or any other.

Let me please be clear: I am not minimizing depression or those who have considered killing themselves. I have witnessed the effects of depression and the decisions that stem from it; minimizing it is foolish. I firmly believe, however, that understanding who God is and how He cares for us is more than enough reason to continue living.



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