all the small things

06. Write thirty interesting facts about yourself.

  1. My middle name is an old family heirloom: it is my mother’s middle name and my grandmother’s maiden name.
  2. Coldplay has been my favourite band since 2002. Ever since hearing X&Y, I have wanted to see them live. I finally did last July.
  3. When I was very young, I distinctly remember my grandmother telling me that I’d learn to like lima beans when I got older. I still don’t like them.
  4. Even though I’ve never lived anywhere else but Maryland, there are some words I pronounce with a Southern accent (I like to think it’s because I have Southern blood).
  5. By the time I’d finished kindergarten, I’d lost eight teeth.
  6. Staring contests are hilarious to me, even if I always lose.
  7. The human brain fascinates me.
  8. My first car didn’t have a working speedometer, odometer, rpm meter, or gas gauge.
  9. The newest car I’ve ever driven has been ten years old.
  10. In theory, I’d love to travel around the world and write, but I don’t think I ever would because I like the feeling of belonging in one place, with a consistent community.
  11. I don’t think I’ll ever have a favourite song (how could I pick!?), but I do have certain albums that will always be my favorite.
  12. The kitchen is my favourite place to be in my house.
  13. Old journals fascinate me, as do old Bibles with notes in the margins.
  14. If I’m not driving during a road trip, I’ll nearly always fall asleep.
  15. “The Myth of You and Me” by Leah Stewart is a book that I can’t seem to stop re-reading.
  16. I hate roses, pink, anything excessively effeminate.
  17. I’ve always had a nasty habit of picking at/ biting my fingernails.
  18. I don’t have a favorite book of the Bible, but there are some characters that fascinate me: Ruth, Jairus, Peter, Aaron.
  19. Christian music is always something I’ve found to be more than a little cheesy, but over the last four years I have a few albums by Christian artists that I’ve come to love dearly: The Long Fall Back to Earth by Jars of Clay, The Medicine by John Mark McMillan, and The Light Meets the Dark by Tenth Avenue North.
  20. The scent of citrus is the most invigorating scent ever (especially oranges).
  21. I love looking at photography.
  22. Writing a poem about interrobangs is on my bucket list.
  23. There’ll always be a soft spot in my heart for songs with an awesome piano line, but a song with a solo guitar playing is slowly nudging its way into the spotlight.
  24. One day, I will give away all the clothes I don’t wear.
  25. I think used bookstores are better-smelling than any other store (even if they don’t smell like citrus).
  26. I want to do a pen-and-ink drawing of a fingerprint.
  27. In college, despite my complete ineptitude in all things artistic, I decided to be brave my senior year and take art classes. I liked it so much I ended up taking enough classes to become an art minor.
  28. In 2010, I resolved to memorize T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” I still have a majority of it down.
  29. I want to memorize at least one psalm from the Bible every year. So far, I have Psalm 1 and 23, and I think the next one will be either 4 or 19. (Any votes, readers?)
  30. One of the things I love most about my friends from college is the fun we had with the Post-It Wall and, later, the Post-It book.

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