rocky and the bull

07. Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

In a word: no.

My sign is a Taurus. However, I avoid saying that “I am a Taurus” because I am not a Taurus. I am a child of the Person who created the stars in the first place. I was not born under the authority of the stars, so they hold no sway over my life.

I won’t lie, though, researching the personality traits of a Taurus were pretty interesting. Fun fact: did you know that the color of a Taurus was pink? Not only is this in complete, direct opposition to my personality (see factoid no. 16 of my prior post), but I also think it’s sort of an insult to the bull’s ultra-masculine, uber-menacing swag.

But anyways, here’s a brief description of a completely reputable, not at all suspect Internet forum regarding the positive aspects of Taurean personalities:

The positive Taurean believes that if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Patience and persistence are two of your most enduring qualities. You like to plan for the future and will want to know your work and efforts will be of permanent value.

Taurus is a hard worker and reliable employee. You take your work very seriously and can be depended on to fulfil all obligations. Your home is also important to you and you will build a secure and comfortable ‘nest’ for yourself and your family. As a friend you are loyal and supportive. People know they can rely on your sensible mind and practical skills.

As a Taurus you are highly sensual, steadfast, warm, and affectionate.

In keeping with reputable sources, Bret Michaels has said that “every rose has its thorn.” So, here are the negative aspects of Taurean personalities:

The negative Taurus can get angry with yourself when your work and other efforts don’t meet with your own high standards. You might become fixed in your thinking, refusing to accept there are other ways of looking at things. Imagination can be lacking and you will be so stubborn at times that you leave family and friends exasperated! Taurus will take everything so seriously that you find it hard to relax and enjoy the lighter side of life and living.

Your pig-headedness could drive friends and lovers away when they might feel they just can’t ever get through to you. If logical arguments don’t suit you, you will simply close your ears and refuse to listen. Your occasional outbursts of uncontrollable rages will arise from accumulated frustration and irritation. You try to keep your emotions under control but when negative feelings and anger erupts, it can be hard for you to know how to cope. In romance, the negative you can be extremely jealous and possessive.

If this is any indication whatsoever of how accurate horoscopes can be, this reading of my personality is pretty off kilter.

Here’s a table that lines up my projected personality  traits against  my actual ones.




It grows slowly


Only when it comes to asking irritating questions 😛



hard worker

I hope so!




Other people may be a better judge of this than I

sensible mind

See above?

practical skills

Not really, actually. I’m only resourceful when I see other people be resourceful and channel them!


I struggle with anger sometimes, but praise the Lord, He’s taking the roots out.


This is accurate.

take everything too seriously

Probably not. I’m too sarcastic to take everything so seriously.

refuse to listen


outbursts of uncontrollable rage


jealous and possessive

Not as a personality fault… I think I can be jealous but I don’t imagine it’s the sort of emotion that comes up often.


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