the song sings itself

11. Put iTunes on shuffle and write ten songs that pop up.

To begin, I’m a closet hipster who doesn’t have iTunes. Secondly, it bothers me a little bit that this blog comes up on day 11 and I have to write ten songs. Why couldn’t this be prompt number 10!?

You all may get a bonus song, depending on how good it is.

  1. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) – All Time Low
    • Even if this isn’t one of my favourite songs by them, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dance party playlist without All Time Low on it.
  2. There Could Have Been a Light – Dream Curtain
    • This song was given to me by an awesome brother who made an awesome mix CD for my 24th birthday. It’s quickly become one of my favourite mixes. (When he was making it, I got a text saying “You are either going to love this mix or tell me that I should never make you one ever again.” The former was true.)
  3. Dust – Augustana
    • This album takes me back to sophomore year of college when I started making mix CDs for other people.
  4. Where Are You Now – Mumford & Sons
    • Is it possible for Marcus Mumford and his cohorts to write a bad song!? (That was a rhetorical question.)
  5. Tyrant – oneRepublic
    • I LOVE THIS SONG. Maybe it’s the piano line at the beginning, but about the third time I listened to it I decided it was one of my favorites. It’s gone on several mix CDs I’ve made other people as an intro just because it draws you in.
  6. You Make Loving Fun – Fleetwood Mac
    • Oh, I’m glad that Fleetwood Mac made it onto this list. I grew up listening to classic rock (courtesy of my Papa), but Fleetwood Mac was probably the first or second group I listened to on my own. I remember listening to their “Greatest Hits” album when I was in middle school; to this day, “Tusk” remains my favourite song by them.
  7. Perth – Bon Iver
    • One of the most solid artists I’ve heard since leaving college. I confess, I don’t know exactly which song this is—whenever I listen to this album, each song fades into the other seamlessly.
  8. Cadence – Anberlin
    • Anberlin takes me back to college. This is a pretty cool song.
  9. If God Made You – Five for Fighting
    • If God helped write this song, then He must love me. I remember buying the CD this was on for one song (“100 Years”) at Target, figuring that since I loved the song so much the rest of the CD had to be good. After listening to it once, I decided I didn’t like it that much and felt like I’d wasted my money. Approximately three or four years later, during winter break my first year back from college, I listened to the CD again. I re-heard this song and fell in love with it. Now I love it more than 100 Years.
  10. Longer Gone – Eric Church
    • I went through a country kick. Even if the boyfriend who got me on the kick didn’t last, one of the happy residuals of the relationship was me learning about this artist.
  11. Parachutes – Coldplay  
    • The eleventh song was a solid one, so it’s getting added. I’m so glad Coldplay made the list. This is actually an awesome album; I remember listening to it as I was going to sleep my junior year of college. (Since I had no roommate, I would usually made sleeping playlists and let them play throughout the night.) This album was a frequent on there.

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